Sunday, September 24, 2017

Down At The Farm

Happy Fall 'y,all!  Friday was the first day of my favorite season.  Mother Nature is having the last laugh however, as our temperatures around these parts have been in the high 80's and even 90 over this weekend.  Very hot for us this time of year.  Plus no rain in the past few weeks.  Well, it looks like by next weekend the very cool temps are coming our way and truly that will make it feel more like Autumn.  One of the things I enjoy about this time of year is going to all the Fall festivals around the area.   Saturday Jack and I headed over to Malabar Farm for it's annual Heritage days.
Malabar is the homestead of the author, Louis Bromfield.   He was a conservationist and did many things on the farm to help with new farm techniques.  He also had some of his books made into movies.  Malabar is now a state park and has fun activities all year.   I guess the most famous thing that happened here was the marriage of Humphrey Bogart to Lauren Bacall.
Most young folks won't even know who that is but they were pretty famous in their day!
This is an outside pic of the "Big House" as it's called.  Inside it's pretty much the way it was back in the 40's and compared to how famous people today live, it's pretty modest.  It's also supposed to be haunted!  I went on a ghost hunt here with friends from work.  It was alot of fun, but not much in the way of ghostly happenings!  Here are some of the happenings that went on Saturday.
Inside the barn where they hold many dances during the year, it was filled with vendors selling all kinds of things.
Outside on the front lawn the Civil War was taking place.
I'll just label this pic...LOUD!
Maybe they didn't realize that old Abe Lincoln was in the back of the house?  We saw quite a few different characters.
The French and Indian war was also being  reenacted. 
The costumes were amazing!
We ran into our friend Daryl who used to do the Civil War but has moved back in time!
As we were walking down the lane I heard a noise in the woods.  I turned and saw this guy watching on the pic and check him out!
The day was hot and taking a ride from one end of the area to another was made a bit easier by horse and wagon...well, easy on us but not sure how the horses felt about it!
There's an international Hostel on the farm and yes, it's haunted too!
This is the Cilia Rose house.  What makes it special? Well, Cilia Rose murdered her family by poisoning them...and yep, it's haunted too!  We enjoyed all the things down on the farm Saturday and ended with a lunch of  a grilled trail bologna and baby swiss cheese sandwich.  We washed it down with some ice cold lemonade and then it was time to head home.  There were many vendors selling everything from antiques to walking sticks.  I managed to escape without buying a thing...a miracle!  So let the season begin...go for a walk among the leaves turning colors, sip some cider or make a delish apple pie:
It's Fall y'all!

Saturday, September 16, 2017

In A Fog

After coming home from vacation it takes me a bit to get back into the groove. There's some catching up to do and getting back into the work mode.  I only worked 2 days the week we came home but it felt like a full week to me!  This past week went better and I felt like the fog was lifting from my brain.  I had Friday off and woke up to a real fog!
The house was fogged in.
Chubbs was doing his exploring in a bit of a fog.
The corn field across the road was blurry.
Creepy woods was, well....creepy.  Fog does that!  It's quickly turning into Fall.  Next week will take us to a new season.  Around here the leaves are slowly turning.  The apple orchard is open for apple picking but we were able to get our own this year from our apple tree's first harvest.
They are crunchy, sweet and delicious!  I mixed them with a couple of other types and made an apple dish that went to work with me...and disappeared by 10AM!
As always the sun eventually comes through and burns off the fog.  I'm hoping my brain fog burns off completely too!
There's mums to plant..
Flowers to enjoy until that first frost hits.   Hope all's well in your neck of the woods and I hope our friends down south have  power back on and clean up under way.  It's been a heck of an end to Summer.  I'm ready for favorite season!

Thursday, September 7, 2017

I'm Baaaaackkk!!!

 We returned from our trip to the great state of Oregon to visit our #2 son Craig and his wonderful family.  I mentioned that I'm not fond of flying, but we had good flights coming and going and all was well.  As always when your on a vaca it goes way too fast and is jammed full of fun things, family things, just plain good things.   Here's the trip in a nutshell.  First and foremost was seeing the Grandkiddos.  They are growing fast and involved in tons of school, church, family and other activities.  Here's how they were featured day to day:
Katie can be found reading every chance she gets.
Taylor enjoying the camera we gave him to learn on.  He loves it!
Sophia is ready for a photo op at every turn! I think I have more pics of her than anyone! Hey, a willing subject matter too cute to pass up.  Then there's the scenery of the Pacific Northwest:
Astoria, Oregon where many movies were filmed...Kindergarten Cop, The Goonies, and Short Circuit just to name a few.  Beautiful little town!  There was big tower that everyone climbed up on and then flew little airplanes off of it.
I started to go up the winding staircase and my fear of heights kicked in and I decided to not go.
Jack flew my plane for me!
 Mount Hood as seen from Trillium Lake.  We had such a fun time in the beautiful weather.
Jack even found us a retirement home!
Bigfoot wanted in...who would say no to him?
There was a project that needed done....a trampoline for the kiddos!
That will keep them hopping!  Another reason we took the trip at this time was for Craig's 40th birthday! Can't believe it he's soooooo old! Ha!
There was decorating to be done.
Flaming dinners to eat.
Gifts to open.
Candy bar birthday wishes to be had.
Candles to be blown out.  Happy Birthday Craig!  We finished off the trip with the usual other things..
Family photo moments.
Swimming at the lake.
Paddle boarding.
Water balloon fights!
Silly string antics too!  So much fun... not enough time.  As everyone probably knows, there are lots of fires burning out west.  Portland was getting the ash and poor air quality problems that go with that.  It became overcast and the sun was always a crazy red color.  I captured this shot during the day.  The sky wasn't black but the sun was exactly this color.
Hopefully there will be an end to it soon.   Even though we had a great time, it was good to get home.  A big thanks to Jordan for staying at the house to take care of Chubbs.  
So long sweeties!  Big hugs to you all!

Monday, August 28, 2017

The Long And The Short Of It

It's been a long time since I've blogged....and there's been a shortage of stuff to blog about...that's the long and short of it.  Or so I thought.   I had to dig in my brain to find out why I haven't been blogging and realized I was just busy.  You know, just busy like everyone else and so I have dug up some things I've done these past few weeks that have kept me busy.   Jackie and his family came last weekend and we went to a few spots that Evelyn hadn't been.   Like Grandpa's Cheesebarn.  I wish I had some fabulous pictures to share but I didn't take any! Dang it.  It's a cheese paradise and I will have to blog about it one of these days.   I have decided that Eveylyn needs a t-shirt for Christmas from there that says:  "I cut the cheese at Grandpa's"...Yep, a classic!  Hilary Clinton visited there on her campaign road trip in Ohio.  I wonder if she has a t-shirt?  Then there's work.  Just the usual blood and guts.  I noticed today, in a shocking way,  that the soap at the scrub sinks is different.  After my first case of the day I was given a break and I stopped to wash my hands on the way to the break room.  I pushed the soap dispenser on the sink and it came out red!  I jumped back because I immediately thought it was blood! Someone has a good sense of humor around there!  Friday last week was Jack's birthday.  I told him it was his birthday week.
Jack: "Birthday WEEK?"    Me: Sure, a surprise everyday!"  Jack:"You're really happy I'm finally the same age as you."  Yes, I'm 6mo older than Jack. 43yrs ago I laughed at him because he wasn't 21 yet and couldn't sign for stuff.  He told me then I would regret laughing about that.  Dang, he was right.  Anyway, here's his little surprises each day:
Monday: A senior pass to the National Parks good for free entry for life. You had to get it by Aug. 28th because the price of it would jump to $80.   I already got us AARP cards so now this card can go right next to that one in his wallet!
Tuesday:  His favorite cookies...Oatmeal, raisin, chocolate chip.
Wednesday: Pistachio nuts
Thursday: I paid for his lunch at Main Moon Chinese restaurant that he goes to every Thursday.  He always gets the same thing.  When I told the clerk who (or is that whom?) I was buying lunch for he immediately a cute Chinese accent..."OH, I know....Garlic Shrimp and diet Pepsi!" Yep, that's the guy! (side note: The diet Pepsi is for me! Jack doesn't touch the stuff!)  We also had his birthday dinner...shrimp creole on Thursday night because I was on call this weekend.
Texas Sheet cake too!  Work was happy because I took the leftovers there the next day!
Friday:  Gift card to Home Depot.   That ended the birthday surprise each day,  week!  I think he enjoyed it! Other news:
Chubbs got a haircut:
And a dumb bow I made him wear for the pic!'
He was exhausted!
Flowers from the garden are always fun!  And finally....the real short of it:
Little toad on the garden hose just hanging out.  Well, that wraps it up for a bit.  We're  heading out for Portland, Oregon on Wednesday to see my #2 son, Craig and family.  We haven't seen them for 2 years! Very excited to spend some time with them.  Jack's a bit bummed out because it's going to be in the 60's here and it will hit 100de a few days out there!  I'm not thrilled with flying so say a few prayers for me.
See you in a few weeks!